25 USD
Laura Perez-Harris - SITE
David Sherman Collaboration
Embroidered Image
100% Cotton Hat
100% Nylon Interior
Leather adjustable back strap with pocket to tuck extra slack.

Designed and Finished in USA

and here is a great story from a fan!..

"Thank you so much! I've actually been on the hunt for this hat since September when my baby & I saw it at CAB but had run out of the cash + energy to buy it. We instantly regretted it though, and both incessantly searched the rest of the month to no avail. I had the Cotton Candy Zine Fair postcard and googled the heck out of every name on there but could not find you! I e-mailed the Cotton Candy Machine info e-mail address and got no response: until yesterday, a near full month later. She gave me a helpful clue (the facebook album of the Zine Friends show) and the rest is history. I found you, found the hat, and finally slayed the white whale with the added joy of not dying in the process. .......... THIS IS ALL TO SAY: Yes i will 100% enjoy having a fan as much as you do & you have made an unforgettable piece of work that i am STOKED to own!"

<3 <3
I love you all!