15 USD
Editor: Leah Wishnia
8" x 10.5"
212 pages
Color cover - Black and white offset and full color interior
Special *Double Issue* with new interactive features

Comic contributors:
Aaron Shunga, Abraham Diaz, Alex Degen, Aimee Lusty,
Alabaster, Andrew Bell, Andy Burkholder, Anthony Meloro,
Brennan Kelly, Conor Stechschulte, Danni Parelman,
Gabe Fowler, Garrett Young, InŽs Estrada, Ian McDuffie,
Joe Kessler, KJ Martinet, Krystal DiFronzo, Laura Perez-Harris,
Leah Wishnia, Lincoln Bostain, Marthe Jung, Max Clotfelter,
Mike Taylor, Nate Doyle, Niv Bavarsky, RŽmy Mattei,
Renata Gasiorowska, Sara Drake, Sophia Foster-Dimino,
White Swallows, Zejian Shen 

Featured Artists in the color section:
Aimee Lusty, Andrew T. Pratt, Brian Dunn, Catherine Stack,
Clay Schiff, Dan Warden, Hannah Hall, Jonathan Chapline,
Joshua Dildine, Justyn Hegreberg, Kim Westfall, Mark Delong,
Michael Aitken, Morgan Blair, Neal Walsh, Nicolas Nadeau,
Nick Nyssotsky, Patrick Armstrong, Peter Shear, Russell Tyler,
Shawn McBride, Trudy Benson

Featured writers:
Darryl Ayo, Harris Smith, Karen Wishnia, Olivia Fox
Front/Back covers by Clay Schiff